"Selina has absolutely helped me in my life. Working with Selina as a coach gives you direct access to and the ability to learn from someone who knows how to create, plan and succeed. She knows how to face adversity and beat it.

In addition to being one of my greatest living inspirations she is also an amazing source of love, support and connection. Her presence in my life is invaluable."

Melissa, Holistic Health Coach, New York

"Selina is a beautiful representation of love, light and creative possibility. Having Selina as a coach is incredibly powerful as she is inspirational and a great motivator, simply by being herself.

When coaching, her purpose and capacity to inspire and motivate is great. You gain a wealth of information on the practicalities of starting your own business, unleashing creativity and most importantly, I believe, knowledge of self and overcoming personal barriers to success. 

I often find myself thinking of her, her mindset and her achievements during difficult times. Those directly coached by Selina are truly blessed."

Minal, Make-Up Artist, London


"Selina is an intelligent & inspiring woman, she shows great enthusiasm & motivation in what she’s passionate about."

Tasmin, Digital Advertising Executive, London


"Selina doesn’t tell you what to do, she advise, listens and encourages.

She's the perfect coach because she has had a challenging life and has made it through to build a positive and real life for herself, she just radiates positivity."

Dominque, Senior Press Officer, London

"Selina Brown is fearless. Incredible. Gracious. Radiant. Charitable. So many elements to her but, at the core, positivity!

Selina helped me become more patient, tolerant and channel a better side of me when dealing with others; I now showcase understanding and positivity."

Calvin, Freelance Production Coordinator, New York


"Through coaching with Selina I found myself, my passion...now I'm living the life of my dreams.

She encouraged me to think outside of the box, let go of my fears and reach for options I never even considered."

Tana, Investment Banking Associate, London

"Selina has helped me by reminding me of my own greatness. She has reminded me not to play small, to think and dream big. She has opened me to different ways in which I can get the work I do as a freelance writer to a wider market. She has shown me how I can expand, and now I'm thinking of writing my first book, which was prompted by a coaching session we had.

She has helped me not just by the advice she has shared with me but through the way in which she lives her life. Selina doesn't just have inspirational words to offer, she walks her talk. She opens your mind to things you might not ever have thought of, she shows you where your mental limitations areas are and how to become free of them. Thus she gets you to look at the bigger picture.

She is also very business minded, so she is able to offer you advice and guidance about not only following your dreams but how to make money from it, which is always a challenge! In my opinion she has the magician archetype, which allows you to quickly bring about change and transformation."

James, Freelance Writer, London

"Selina has an uncanny understanding of relationship, in all its forms. When she comes to you as a coach, it is a partnership, an exchange, a conversation.

She has much to offer from not only her wise soul, but lived experiences & years of travel - meeting countless people & always uplifting.

It is this quality that makes it so fulfilling to interact and have coaching with her."

Yaku, Musician & Singer, Los Angeles