Yes, I've been there frantically searching my house for loose change to pay for a 69p loaf of bread. Going to the ATM and seeing my account in minus figures when I have a £34.99 direct debit coming out the next day. Doing a big grocery shop then waiting in line for 25 minutes only to get to the cashier and have my card declined infront of a long line of people....

If I only knew then, that all these experiences stemmed from a poor money mindset...

What is a money worry Selina? I hear you ask.

Well, I personally define it as feeling of not having enough money, yes I said feeling, because that's all it is a mindset, a false belief, a feeling. Ok, so yes, I agree in that moment I didn't have the tangible cash on me to pay for the groceries - the key words being that moment. Us as humans have a way of making one particular incident define our life story. No, doesn't have to be that way.

You see, just like everything else in our wonderful Universe money is a frequency, an energy, a vibration - you attract to you what you believe you deserve, you attract your dominant thoughts..

I know it feels in the moment that you will always be broke, that everyone around you has the abilty to do and have everything you can't, that all you ever work for is to pay bills, and even when you do you're still in debt. I know that feeling oh so well.

But hold up, there is a way out.

If you concentrate on lack, not having, always being are given your regular  thoughts. If you focus on the opposite, then you of course welcome abundance into your life! The key thing is to believe it already exists without the evidence...don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to just sit there and wait for the cash to appear the energy needs the motion....once you have a beautiful balance of both, watch the goodness unfold.

How do I know? I'm living it.

Last year I decided to completely step unapologetically in my power and accept my birthright abundance...the results were magical:

- I was traveling for 4 months of the year (Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, America: New York & Miami)
- Booked up with coaching clients
- A regular 5 figures every month from my own business
- Freedom to live life on my terms (spend my time doing what I love, when I want, with whom I want to)

This is my new normal. It can be yours too. There's a process to it with various stages that I would love to teach you, but knowing that you never lack anything is the first step.

My special gift to you is my money affirmation, which has transformed my life. I recommend you say 5 times, 3 times a day.


'I always have more than enough money,
money come to me easy and effortlessly,
I allow it to flow abundantly into my life"

Change your thoughts, change your life!

In love,


P.S: Don't let another week of struggle go by where you don't follow your dreams and live a life of freedom and abundance. If you are determined and ready to make this the year where you create a succesful business and live in authentic happiness every single day, I would love to speak to you. You can book a 30 minute complimentary session with me HERE