Yes, I know.  I’ve heard people say it to me time and time again. “There’s loads of people online, doing what I’m doing, offering the services I’m offering…how am I meant to stand out?". My answer is always ask them this question…. How are Coca-Cola and Pepsi ? McDonalds and Burger King? H & M and Topshop? All able to co-esist with the same industry?”  Some look at me baffled lol.

Well the answer is this…

It’s because they do them. Although they all sell very similar products they all have a unique and authentic offering that's bespoke to their brand.

When I first started out, I thought the formula to success was to be like everyone else, be regular…This definitely was reflected in my bank account.

Remember this, no one is you and that’s your superpower! When you stand out, you attract your tribe, book more clients and your revenue starts growing beautifully!

So here’s so pretty easy actions you can take to get all eyes on you!

1.     Be unapologetically you!

Just be you, it’s that simple. Talk, walk, dress the way you do…don’t change. People connect to realness and honesty, so the more authentic you are the more you’ll stand out. Tell them about you, your story, the reason you do what you do. No one can do the things you do, the way that you do it – because of that you’ll gain loyal followers that will love you just the way you are.

2.     Build Real Relationships

Connect to your audience, converse, ask questions, help solve their problems. In order for people to buy from you, they have to be able to trust you. When I first started out, I didn’t understand that – I thought I had to be uber dry & stiff, that I couldn’t steer too far from what the generic coaches did. This had the opposite effect, people wanted to connect with the real me, not the fake person I was trying to be. Be you, create genuine honest relationships…and see your audience grow to new levels.

3.     Give Out the Goodness

Free content is the best way to capture your audience..there’s so many ways to give value, webinars, ebooks, audiobooks. The list is endless. You can never give out too much content, the more the better – people will always want to pay for a way to implement it and that’s where you come in!. Make your content full of as much goodness as possible and watch your revenue rise!

 Shine your light bright and don't hold back.

Love + light,