Do you know what it's like to heal every element of your being?

Do you know how it feels to witness your life transform?

Have you ever evolved so much that you don't recognize yourself?

Do you know what it feels like to have a rebirth?

If you had asked me these questions five years ago, I would have replied with a stern no.  Back then I was a fast food addict, womb trauma suffering young woman, my acne covered face made me despise mirrors and severe stomach condition and irregular heavy periods made being in chronic pain a regular part of life. I came from a linage of trauma and crisis, imbalance was ordinary, after all this was imbedded in my genetic memory bank from my mothers, mothers, mothers, mother. Every woman I knew was suffering; suffering was our normal.  The chaos was also evident in the dysfunctional and draining relationships I had with all the men in my life. I was not in a space mentally, spiritually or physically to absorb a higher frequency, to comprehend or even entertain thoughts of healing.

Chilling with Queen - Brooklyn, New York

Chilling with Queen - Brooklyn, New York

Fast forward to 2011, I moved to New York to start a new executive marketing job this meant leaving everything I knew in the UK, this was a massive turning point in my life - little did I know then that this was to be the land of my awakening. Through the most beautiful synchronicities, 3 months after arriving in the Big Apple I was sitting in Queen Afua's  Brooklyn brownstone home. When I first met her I was energized by her warmth, she greeted me with "Peace beloved" and handed me my first green juice. That moment marked the start of my transformation.

When I met Queen on that day I was at a really bad place in my life - my eating was terrible (lots of meat, late night feasting, eating snacks not full meals), I lost so much weighed - I was 7.5 stone (105 pounds), my periods were lasting 2 weeks, I was sleeping 2-3 hours per night and I was so unhappy. Over following weeks a beautiful relationship developed between Queen and myself, I was blessed to have her created a bespoke program for me and so commenced my healing with Queen, it consisted of:

1. Spa Days - Going to the steam room and sauna once a week - this allowed me to gently release all toxins contained within my body.

2. Bathing - Every two days I took a evening sacred healing bath with lavender, rose petals and magnesium salt, coconut oil and lots of candles to get me calm and relaxed.

3. Juicing -  I had 2 organic green juices a day every morning and afternoon - my favorite combination is: Kale, Spinach, Celery, Apple, Beetroot, Ginger, Carrot and Cucumber.

4. Sage / Crystals / Incense - To keep the frequencies of my body temple high I carried crystals in my purse and bra lol (rose quarter, citrine, selenite are my fav). I cleansed my space with sage every weekend and burned incense daily o sweeten it up my living space.

5. 4am rising: Every single day I rose at 4am (scared time) I poured libations, meditated and spoke words of power - connecting to my higher self, Kemetic deities and my ancestors was key part of my healing journey.

6. Clean Eating: I immediately started to clean up my diet and become a vegan (I was hard in the beginning, but this was the best thing I ever did) - Queen taught me her secret Emerald Green Salad recipe, it's delicooous!

7. Self Love: During this time I had to learnt how to love myself wholely and completely, I did this through affirmations, dancing, gratitude jar, adorning myself in my favorite clothes/jellewery/perfume, spending time in nature, being alone and making time to express myself creatively.

Sacred Woman Graduation 2012 - Brooklyn, New York

Sacred Woman Graduation 2012 - Brooklyn, New York

Queen saved my life. I healed my mind, heart and womb through air, water, fire and earth. During that period, I took control of my body and health, I owned all the negative and positive experiences I’d been through without blame and excuses - I took my power back. There was a lot to release, a lot of baggage to discard, it wasn't easy and at times returning to the disharmony felt like a easier option but the voice of my higher self, my ancestors and the guidance of Queen Afua kept me going.

After 9 months, I took my throne, put on my crown. Queen Selina was ready.

Now, I am in every way a goddess. I live daily as a whole, complete and vibrant Sacred Woman. I honor and celebrate my greatness, my femininity and sensuality. Now, everything is in total alignment, I am a proud vegan, a yoga junkie, just an all round joyful being - I can honestly say I love my life. Since my rebirth, my needs appear into my life with ease and show up abundantly, I co-create with the universe and I'm more powerful than ever. I travel regularly, I have a consistent 5 figure business and only blissful relationships surround me.

 I've never looked back.

'Before Breath' Book Launch 2015 - Manhattan, New York

'Before Breath' Book Launch 2015 - Manhattan, New York

Writing and journaling was my chosen tool to self-discovery, I documented every thought and feeling. It took much courage, but after being instructed by spirit I released my inner secrets to the world in my book 'Before Breath'. This book is my repayment to the Universe, my offering to my fellow sisters spiritually, physically and mentally imprisoned by sexual abuse, fibroids, broken relationships, self-hatred, daddy issues, finance issues, mental health issues. It's for my sisters that are yearning for a way out. This is an honest account of my journey of forgiveness, enlightenment, self-love and hope.  In 'Before Breath' I gave away a piece of me so you can connect, get free and heal.

Having Queen's input into “Before Breath’ added to its power, she blessed it through spirit and wrote a heartfelt forward.

"There is hope: ‘Before Breath’ has holistically bridged ancient word medicine into the 21st century. My Beloved Selina takes us on her inner journey of self-empowerment in this bold, daring and beautiful book" Queen Afua.

Everyone has a story, a testimony - this is mine. I believe you too can reach the optimal level of wellness and happiness for yourself; my only advice is to take an action today

You can purchase “Before Breath” book here: (it will include a special intuitively written message of guidance just for you)

I don’t believe in coincidences, you read this for a reason – now is your time. I wish you all the goodness in the Universe, but firstly and more importantly I want you to understand you deserve it all.

Infinite Love & Light,