It feels like yesterday, I remember so clearly the times I used to get totally freaked out before a sales call. I would literally be shaking and sweating, frantically going over my lines, think of all the answers to all the possible questions the prospective client could ask me – I tried to perfect everything. I really disliked selling, it felt like a weird type of begging.

I got so flustered to the point that they would say the words I thought they would say, a big fat NO. For days after, that was all that I could focus on...especially since getting calls in the beginning was so difficult, every one needed to be the ONE. There was one month in particular that I secured one discovery call, and they said NO…I was devastated, I felt like I was failing, I just remember crying, crying and more crying 

It was such a challenging time….my confidence took a huge blow! Then the negative self talk started…”You’ll never be able to sell anything”, “Nobody will ever buy from you”, “You’re not good enough”….It was just a really low, low time.

Looking back now, I can see why I was things were they way where, why making £250 felt like effort..

I knew a change had to come, so I invested in myself and started working with a business coach – she gave me EXACT formula needed to flip the script, and start pulling in the clients instead of pushing them away. The abundance started rolling in, I started stepped into my power…the month I made over £5,000 in 3 days I knew that a change had come. To boost myself even further I invested in more sales training, you can never learn too much!!

So when you have your ideal client on the phone, here are my 5 tips to convert the conversation into a sale:

1.Have sales script…practice, practice, practice!

People buy from emotions and validate their purchases through mental reasoning. So all your sales call should be a journey, and exploration into the feelings of your client….don’t just jump straight into what you are selling. I share my tried and tested business script in my One-to-One Programs, it’s guaranteed to get you selling more! Practice makes perfect, so repeat the script until it’s imbedded into your mind – the more confident you are the more you’ll give your prospective customer confidence in you.

2. Don’t fear the NO’s..

Once I started to master my sales conversations and used specially created words and phrases I didn’t get any objections. The No’s turned “please sign me up now’. If you do get hesitation around money, I need to ask someone or “let me think about it” – don’t end the conversation there. You are not serving your client in reaching their full potential by just letting them go. If they approached you, and they’re your ideal client then they need your services. Take your time and with their permission take them through their resistance.

3. Explain how their life will change…

If you are simply sharing all the features of your programs – email support, number of sessions I’ve found that perspective clients will turn off. They want to know how their life will change, how their dreams are going to come – ensure that your programs solve your clients struggles. The more the better.

4. Enjoy the process..

I enjoy nothing more than speaking with women across the world, learning about their worlds and journeys. I find that when I just enjoy the moment, the conversations, real human interaction I get so much more out of my work and the abundance flows much more easier.

5. Be the expert not the information

Project out love into all conversation,  but have a barrier – it’s not about giving away everything on the call, doing that will serve nobody. Allow them to commit to creating a new life and a dream business, give them room to invest in themselves. Remember you are running a business not a charity.

You don't have to experience hundreds of no’s before you get that YES. It is about knowing what to say, having trust in what you offer and feeling really confident in how your work is serving individuals and the worls

Go get those paying clients!

They’re waiting for you!

Big love,

Selina x