My journey, like any other has been full of hills and valley’s, learnings and unlearnings, highs and lows. I’ve lived through some pretty traumatic experiences, I’ve had my fare share struggle, I’ve experienced the depression, the self hate. It got to a point were my life didn’t make sense to me, since I was a young girl I always felt like I was special - that my whole life was preparing me to do something great, to travel, to help people, to impact the world, but I just didn’t know how to make it happen. I knew I was worth more.

Anytime I took a step towards my dream, towards showing myself to the world, fear was always there to cripple me, and send me two steps back. My negative self-talk was on replay, “What if you fail?” “What will people say?”, “Your not going to be good enough?"

So I took the safe route and entered the corporate world, with pretty titles like Communications Officer, Marketing Executive, Executive Communications Manager. I was grateful am all my job positions; it was here I mastered my business skills. Regardless of this, I felt limited, trapped, like I wasn’t living up to my full potential. My energy was literally being drained helping someone else fulfil their dream, what about mine?. The 9-5 world just wasn’t for me, my soul yearned for something more, I yearned for the freedom to express myself creatively with no restriction; living for the weekends wasn’t satisfying. It got to a point where I was no longer being fed, I had stopped growing and I was scared of what my life would become if I continued to remain motionless.

On a personal level, I struggled with seeing my own beauty, escaping past visions of trauma, forgiving those that inflicted pain on me. I was a weed and fast food addict, my acne covered face made me despise mirrors and severe stomach condition and irregular heavy periods made being in chronic pain a regular part of life. I felt low, the crying never offered any comfort, but it was all I did. There was nothing else for me to do.

So I closed my eyes.

I got still, took the journey within and reconnected with my higher self. I explored myself and went on a journey of self-healing, self love and spirituality. Once I started the journey I realised that this as what was missing from my life, the deep connection to self, to nature, to the Universe. The deeper I went the more I was able to release the thoughts, people and ideologies at didn’t serve me and the more everything made sense, the synchronicities started occurring and for the first time and felt real, deep, beautiful joy. My purpose became crystal clear, the steps became aligned and the gentle peace that took over my life created pure harmony.

Then the magic started.

I started to live my truth, everything flowed towards me in abundance, I was able start a profitable business, find the man of my dreams and show my authentic self to the world unapologetically.

I now know undoubtedly know that everything starts within. It’s deeper that the law of attraction, it’s about the connection to your higher self. A connection that is available to all of us, this is all I want for you.